Gillies Lecture

In 1961, the Council of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons instituted an appeal to establish a memorial to Sir Harold Gillies - The Gillies Lecture.

All Gillies lecturers are invited to speak by the Council of the Association. A list of the past lecturers and their topic are below. If you are interested in further information, then please contact the Secretariat

Gillies Lecturers

1961  T Pomfret Kilner  The Birth of a Specialty 
1962 Rainsford Mowlem Bone Grafting 
1963 F Burian  The Past and Present of Plastic Surgery: Its Problems in Future Society 
1964  A Ragnell  The Development of Plastic Surgery in Stockholm in the Last Decennium 
1965 Sir Ivan Magill  Plastic and the Anaesthetist 
1967 G M FitzGibbon  The Commandments of Gillies 
1969 R V J Battle  Great Opportunities in Plastic Surgery 
1971 R Millard  Jousting with the First Knight of Plastic Surgery 
1973 Sir Benjamin Rank Tides and Eddies of Plastic Surgery 
1975 H Schjelderup  Plastic Surgery from Basingstoke to Norway 
1977 D N Matthew  Gillies- Mastermind of Modern Plastic Surgery 
1979 T Gibson  Tissue Transplantation Before, During and After the Life of Sir Harold Gillies 
1981 D A Campbell Reid The Emergence of Hand Surgery in the United Kingdom 
1983 N H Antia Organisation of Plastic Surgery in Developing Countries 
1985 N C Hughes  The Legacy of the Giants 
1987 M N Tempest  Editing and Audition: A Crisis in Communication 
1989 A F Wallace  From Moses to Mahon 
1991 I A McGregor  The Pursuit of Function and Cosmesis in Managing Oral Cancer: 1951-1991 
1993 P Tessier  From Plastic Surgery to Craniofacial Surgery 
1995 I T Jackson Plastic Surgery Contributions to Skull Base Surgery 
1997 F V Nicolle  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Future Plastic Surgeon 
1999 R W Piggott  Speak Ye, Comfortably 
2001 G I Taylor  Keeping a Head 
2003 P Randall  Robert H Ivy, An Extraordinary English Gentleman 
2005 T J S Patterson  Gillies- the Teacher and his Tube Pedicle 
2007 A Bamji & B D Morgan  The Man Behind the Myth 
2009  J K Terzis  Nerve Surgery: Evolution and Refinements 
2011 M S Noordhoff  A Serendipitous Journey
2014 J Thompson  Melanoma 
2015 A Bamji  One Hundred Years from Gillies' Damascene Moment: Surgical and Social Management of Facial Injury in the First World War
2017  V Ramakrishnan Microsurgical breast reconstruction- 'a constant battle between beauty and blood supply' 
2019 M Ninkovic From Innovation and Creativity to Clinical Excellence
2021  Z Arnež
Lower Limb Trauma From Amputation to Orthoplastic Surgery