Clinical Guidance and Regulations

This section brings together the current best practice clinical guidelines and regulations in one place

Guidelines for patients are also available in the patients' section of the website

BAPRAS Guidelines

Head and Neck Cancer: United Kingdom National Multidisciplinary Guidelines, Sixth Edition (2024) Click here to view

NICE accredited Guidelines for management of adult UCL of the thumb injuries (2023) Click here to view 

Melanoma: assessment and management (2022) Click here to view

Guidelines for Lipomodelling of the Breast (2022) Click here to view

The Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act 2021 Click here to view
Diagnosis & Management of Arterial Injuries Associated with Extremity Fractures and Dislocations (December 2020) Click here to view

Standards for the management of open fractures (September 2020)Click here to view

Guidelines for liposuction - safety & recommendations (September 2020) Click to view

Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS) UK surgical standards & service guidance (December 2019) Click to view

Oncoplastic breast reconstruction- Guidelines for best practice (Updated June 2018) Click to view

Commissioning guidelines for body contouring surgery (updated December 2017) Click to view
UK Standards for the Management of Patients with Microtia and Atresia (October 2019) Click to view

Quality in melanoma care- A best practice pathway (September 2012) Click to view

Guidelines for acellular dermal matrix-assisted breast reconstruction procedures(2012) Click to view

Guidelines for lipomodelling for breast surgery (October 2021) Click to view

Guidelines for open fractures of the lower limb Click to view

Guidelines for commissioners of plastic surgery services (2007) Click to view

Guidelines from other bodies

Please check out the GMC for other guidelines.