BAPRAS Event Badging

BAPRAS is keen to work with its Full Members to ‘badge' high-quality educational events and to provide branding support and advice to members involved in courses and conferences.

Courses and events 'badged by BAPRAS' must be consistent with the objectives and overall strategic direction of BAPRAS, and they should also fit with our existing educational programme. 

To apply for course badging, download a badging form or contact the Secretariat

An individual badging form is required for each course, i.e. one course per form.

For each application the following information is needed :

1.         Event badging application form

2.         Programme with faculty

3.         Feedback results from the previous course

Applications are forwarded to the President, Honorary Secretary and Chair of the Education Committee for approval. We aim to give you a response within 28 days of receipt unless we require further information.

If approved, course convenors will be forwarded the 'badged by BAPRAS' logo, for use on publicity materials, and information will be included in the secretariat bulletin for three months prior to your course.

Once the confirmation of approval is sent out, we are happy for members to use the 'badged by BAPRAS' logo, to advertise the event on our website and in membership bulletins to promote their activities. We can also provide practical advice on the organisation of events, courses and conferences.