Additional Funding and Resources

An excellent overview of funding schemes for surgeons has been published by the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI).

 Medical Students        
Student Bursary
BAPRAS  £500  Research, elective, travel related to plastic surgery   Medical Student
 Elective Bursary Scar Free Foundation  £1,200  Medical elective in plastic surgery,
burns or hand surgery research 
Medical Student 
Intercalated BSc Grants
RCS England Variable BSc in surgery related discipline  Medical Student undertaking BSc 
Travelling Scholarships        
European Travelling Scholarships
BAPRAS £1,000 Travel to European Plastic Surgery Centre   SpR (year 4-6)
Travelling Bursary for Presentation Overseas
BAPRAS £600 Overseas travel to present at international national meetings SpR, consultant
Travelling Bursary
BAPRAS Up to £5,000 Study of new Plastic Surgery techniques abroad SpR, consultant within first 3 years
Young Plastic Surgeons Scholarships
EURAPS €1,500 - 3,000
Scholarship to spend time in European plastic surgery centre Age <37, plastic surgery trainee, European citizen
AAPS-EURAPS Academic Scholarship Award
AAPS/EURAPS $30,000 per year 2 year academic scholarship to research between America and Europe  
Pre-doctoral Research
NIHR Integrated Academic Training (ACF & CL)
NIHR Variable Variable based on round of funding Check website for details
MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship
Medical Research Council Salary and research expenses Regenerative medicine, bioimaging, translational research
3 year PhD funding 
Joint Society CRTFs are available for the RCS Edinburgh and the British Skin Foundation
PhD Training Fellowship for clinicians
Wellcome Trust Salary and research expenses Clinical research 3 years funding
Surgical Research Fellowship
RCS England  Salary + £3,000  Passed Part A MRCS  1 year research funding 
Robertson Research Training Fellowship
RCS Edinburgh £50,000 per year  Research in Scotland  Scottish or research within Scotland, MRCS Ed 
 PhD Funding BSSH  £50,000 per year for 3y  PhD in hand surgery  NTN Plastic surgery/ Orthopaedics; commitment to hand surgery/academia 
Ritchie Trust Research Award
RCS Glasgow £30,000 per year  Research in any clinical context/ for higher degree  Triennial availability, member of RCS Glas 
Surgical Research Fellowship
RAFT    PhD funding, MD funding 2 to 3 years 
Research Grant
Cancer Research UK  Various  Clinical, preclinical and translational projects  Pre- and post-doctoral funding available 
Post doctoral / Personal Grant        
MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship
Medical Research Council Variable  Post doctoral independent research  Up to 4 year funding
Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist Award
Cancer Research UK Variable Post doctoral independent research  Up to 5 year funding
BAPRAS Pump Priming Fund
BAPRAS  £20,000  Clinical trials  Consultant 
Paton Masser Memorial Fund
BAPRAS  £5,000  Plastics research in the British Isles
Helen Lawson grant for research into novel health technologies
BMA  £50,000  Promote research into novel health technologies  Registered medical parctitioners/ BMA members 
Pump Priming Grants
RCS England  <£10,000  One year research funding  Newly qualified consultants or senior lecturers 
Research Grant
BSSH £50,000 per year  Hand surgery research  
Pump Priming Research
BSSH  <£10,000  Hand surgery research and systematic reviews  Potential to benefit patients in 3-5 years 
Research Grant
British Burn Association  Up to £1,000  Small projects/ pump priming  BBA members

Other funding bodies offering ad hoc grants and fellowships:

Restore research
Blond McIndoe Foundation
Scar Free Foundation