Trainee Member

Who is this membership category for?

Any trainee who has been appointed to a specialist training post in surgery in the UK or Republic of Ireland (i.e. you have a training number). 

Trainee membership will continue for the tenure of your post, although Council may extend this for up to two years of research or specialist training thereafter.

What you will get with your membership?

Free access to JPRAS 
Attend general meetings 
Get discounts to scientific meetings and advanced educational courses 
Reciprocal membership with PLASTA 
Access members only bursaries 
Access the BAPRAS Video Library 

What do you need in order to apply? 

For your application, you will need to provide:

  • a personal statement on your motivation to join BAPRAS 
  • your NTN 
  • your GMC number 
  • your up-to-date CV

The first year of membership is free for the first year. Subsequently, the subscription rate for this membership category is £150 per annum. 

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What you will get with your membership?
What you will get with your membership