Press Releases


12 June 2023 - Stay well padded: surgeons urge caution on cheek fat removal craze



14 October 2021 - Give Women the Breast Chance - Restart Breast Reconstruction for Cancer Patients, Demand Surgeons



26 October 2020 - British plastic and reconstructive surgeons urge caution as over one third of households consider home fireworks displays due to Covid restrictions
16 January 2020 - BAPRAS supports the Sun's campaign for greater regulation of dermal fillers



01 November 2019 - Coalition of Plastic, Hand and Burns Surgeons call on the Government to act now to reduce serious injuries from firework misuse
21 October 2019 - BAPRAS statement on indications for hair transplant surgery
18 October 2019 - British plastic surgeons support Sainsbury's ban on fireworks sales
29 January 2019- Coalition of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists call on Government to introduce greater regulation of potentially dangerous dermal fillers



19 December 2018 - Breast implants linked to cancer withdrawn from sale in Europe - BAPRAS comments
08 November 2018 - BAPRAS encourages members to join the Nail bed INJury Analaysis (NINJA) trial, which is the first Plastic Surgery study of its kind
08 November 2018 - Coalition of British breast and plastic surgeons welcome the news that over 20,000 operations have been recorded on England's Breast and Cosmetic Implant Registry 
05 November 2018 - British public support plastic surgeons’ call for government to introduce graphic warnings on all firework packaging
17 October 2018 - BAPRAS supports ASA ruling on irresponsible advertisements for breast enhancement
21 July 2018- BAPRAS involved in the development of new national guidelines for complex regional pain syndrome
01 June 2018- BAPRAS involved in new guidance to prevent breast cancer patients being denied reconstructive surgery
27 March 2018 - Hundreds of breast cancer patients denied or rushed into "life-changing" surgeries amid rise of policies to restrict breast reconstruction, new report finds



28 November 2017- BAPRAS welcomes sympathetic and realistic portrayal of serious craniofacial condition in new film Wonder
17 October 2017- BAPRAS welcomes launch of the Nailbed INJury Analysis (NINJA) trial
12 October 2017- Surgeons call for routine use of door safety catches to curb epidemic of fingertip injuries
31 August 2017- New help for 'acid attack' victims following recent rise in demand for NHS help
22 June 2017- BAPRAS Supports Nuffield Council on Bioethics' call fro better regulation of the cosmetic industry


15 October 2016- Professional organiations respond to the launch of breast and cosmetic implant registry
15 April 2016- Healthcare profession takes strides in protecting non-surgical cosmetic intervention patients
12 April 2016- BAPRAS welcomes launch of new guidance for cosmetic procedures


30 November 2015- BAPRAS welcomes launch of national breast implant register to drive patient safety
25 November 2015- Annual meeting of UK Plastic Surgeons showcases innovation and best practice from around the world
25 November 2015- BAPRAS supports NCEPOD report calling for more to be done to identify and treat sepsis
25 November 2015- Plastic Surgery advancements showcased at BAPRAS' innovation group
25 November 2015- BAPRAS surgeons streamline breast reconstruction to increase efficiency and benefit patients
25 November 2015- CCGs must do more to implement national guidelines for body contouring surgery
20 November 2015- BAPRAS surgeon helps treat victims of Romanian nightclub fire
09 November 2015- BAPRAS joins new global plastic surgery association
06 November 2015- BAPRAS supports launch of new surgeon certification to improve standards of care in sector
24 September 2015BAPRAS responds to the suspension of the CE certificate for all medical devices made by Silimed
21 September 2015- BAPRAS supports ALL Trials initiative
24 July 2015- BAPRAS calls for more psychological support for plastic surgery patients
17 July 2015- BAPRAS member helps lead development of Scottish cosmetic regulation changes
25 June 2015- Belgium welcomes international plastic surgeons for annual scientific meeting
20 March 2015- BAPRAS advises patients on risk of ALCL



11 December 2014- BAPRAS reiterates position regarding female genital cosmetic surgery 26 November 2014- Pioneering international surgical training charity launches at annual meeting of UK plastic surgeons 24 November 2014- Plastic surgeons call for greater investment in multi-disciplinary teams
24 October 2014- BAPRAS reiterates warning to patients of risks of travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery
13 October 2014- BAPRAS backs Be Real: Body Confidence for Everyone
3 August 2014- Cut it out: Surgery societies and Britain's largest surgical royal college slam summer discounts
7 July 2014- World leading transplant innovations to be explored at UK meeting of European Plastic Surgeons
8 April 2014- BAPRAS responds to independent medical devices review
11 March 2014- New national body contouring surgery guide launched to promote equality in provision and improved care for weight loss patients
14 February 2014- BAPRAS responds to the government's response to the review of regulation of cosmetic interventions
24 January 2014- BAPRAS responds to speech made by Secretary of State about continuity of patient care


29 December 2013- BAPRAS responds to Health Minister's comments about regulation of cosmetic interventions
29 November 2013- BAPRAS backs Changing Faces 'don't call me freakface' campaign
27 November 2013- Activity to protect patients since cosmetic interventions review must be implemented and communicated, urge UK plastic surgeons
27 November 2013- Dublin plays host to international plastic surgeons for BAPRAS-IAPS scientific meeting
18 July 2013- BAPRAS condemns trivialisation of non invasive surgical procedures highlighted on the final of TV's the Apprentice
20 June 2013- Nottingham welcomes international plastic surgeons for annual scientific meeting
24 April 2013- BAPRAS statement in response to the Department of Health’s Review of Regulation on Cosmetic Interventions
19 February 2013- BAPRAS reiterates call for national guidelines on reconstructive surgery following bariatric weight loss procedures
29 January 2013- BAPRAS supports the Cosmetic Surgical Practice Working Party report: Professional Standards for Cosmetic Practice


31 December 2012- BAPRAS welcomes interim report of the Review for Cosmetic Interventions
21 November 2012- New breast reconstruction guidelines launched to improve UK standards of care for breast cancer patients
6 September 2012- BAPRAS statement re the Melanoma Taskforce report on melanoma care in the UK
15 August 2012- BAPRAS statement re Department of Health review into cosmetic surgery and procedures
27 July 2012- BAPRAS supports campaign to protect the term ‘surgeon’
11 July 2012- Newcastle plays host to world's leading plastic surgeons for annual scientific meeting
5 July 2012- BAPRAS responds to government response to Health Care Committee's report into  PIP implants
18 June 2012- Six months of uncertainty ends as Government Expert Group publishes Final Report on PIP breast implants
15 May 2012- BAPRAS responds in detail to Lord Howe’s review of PIP implants case
14 May 2012- BAPRAS response to Lord Howe's review
23 April 2012- Withdrawal of Macrolane for use in breast augmentation
28 March 2012- BAPRAS Statement for BBC Radio 4 You & Yours
28 March 2012- BAPRAS response to Health Committee’s report on PIP Breast Implants and the regulation of cosmetic interventions  
16 March 2012- Survival from burns injuries better than ever before
15 March 2012- Response to new government PIP implant data
30 January 2012- BAPRAS responds to concern over Silimed breast implants
24 January 2012- BAPRAS helps launch first app to be registered as a medical device by the MHRA
17 January 2012- Clear new guidance on PIP breast implants issued for patients and doctors 
13 January 2012- BAPRAS maintains its advice for women with PIP breast implants
11 January 2012- BAPRAS supports steps announced by Andrew Lansley
10 January 2012- BAPRAS starts consultation process on draft EU Standard for Aesthetic Surgery Services 
6 January 2012- BAPRAS supports recommendations of the Expert Group on PIP breast implants
3 January 2012- BAPRAS reiterates its call for staged removal of PIP breast implants


23 December 2011- Response to French Authorities statement on PIP breast implant removal
23 December 2011- BAPRAS speaks out for patients about PIP breast implants
21 December 2011- BAPRAS issues advice to women with breast implants following predicted announcement from French Medical authorities about PIP implants
20 December 2011- Response to French health warning on PIP Breast implants
6 December 2011- BAPRAS celebrates ground breaking research as the UK's biggest ever plastic surgery meeting closes
2 December 2011- BAPRAS pushes for national guidelines on reconstructive surgery following bariatric weight loss procedures
30 November 2011- BAPRAS calls for greater patient access to plastic surgeons
2 November 2011- Search led by BAPRAS surgeon begins for patient to undergo UK’s first hand transplant
7 October 2011- BAPRAS condemns cosmetic surgery promotion in Love It magazine
8 April 2011- Plastic surgery integral to creating high quality outcomes in emergency surgery care


16 September 2010- Plastic surgeons back call for better regulation in cosmetic surgery
30 June 2010- Better care for women having breast cancer surgery, but still room for improvement
9 April 2010- Plastic surgeons welcome support to stop under 18s accessing sunbeds
1 April 2010- Comment from BAPRAS on the MHRA issued safety notice on PIP silicone breast implants


5 December 2009- A face is for life, not just for Christmas
1 December 2009- BAPRAS wins bid to host European Plastic Surgery Congress
5 October 2009- Immediate breast reconstruction has clear benefits for patients and the NHS
14 September 2009- New standards for the treatment of open fractures of the lower limb published
23 May 2009- Skin experts warn sun lovers – tan now, cancer later
6 May 2009- BAPRAS comments on 80% facial transplant in the US
28 April 2009- BAPRAS comments on cosmetic surgery incentive


3 December 2008- "Rise of cosmetic surgery tourism threatens patient safety and burdens NHS", warns BAPRAS
19 November 2008- BAPRAS announces UK-wide audit to determine impact of cosmetic tourism on the NHS
11 November 2008- Pioneering World War II plastic surgery drawings to be exhibited for the first time
16 October 2008- BAPRAS warns patients they will not get the continuity of care they need if the go abroad to have a cosmetic procedure
25 September 2008- Talking to a surgeon before picking a cosmetic procedure leads to a more successful result
27 August 2008- Plastic surgeons’ association says that teenagers should only have cosmetic surgery in exceptional cases
10 July 2008- BAPRAS joins Which? in fight against laser de-regulation
22 May 2008- Plastic surgeons warn of bank holiday DIY dangers
28 April 2008- BAPRAS’ response to the decision to restrict access for some plastic surgery in Wales
9 January 2008- Statement in response to £6,000 cosmetic surgery prize in Europa International lottery