Stoke Mandeville & Oxford Burn Simulation Course (SOBS)

Date: 28 February 2024
Location: Simulation Suite, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Mandeville Rd, Aylesbury, HP21 8AL

Event description: 

A one-day, simulation-based course has been designed for local healthcare professionals, including doctors and allied healthcare professionals engaged in emergency and surgical care services. This educational initiative is specifically curated for individuals who are likely to be involved in the management of patients who have sustained burn injuries.

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The course structure encompasses simulated scenarios and skills sessions, aimed at augmenting the proficiency and confidence of participants in handling severe burn cases. The day commences with registration, followed by an introductory lecture providing an overview of burns care. This comprehensive lecture encompasses key aspects such as pathophysiology, an approach to acute management, and insights into long-term outcomes.

Participants are then divided into two groups. One group engages in skills sessions, whilst the other has the opportunity to participate in two simulation scenarios. In the second half of the day, the groups swap. The culmination of the day involves an interactive session where participants are given the opportunity to discuss the covered content and provide constructive feedback to the course convenors.

The skills sessions constitute hands-on, small group activities, offering participants a practical platform to acquire expertise in performing escharotomies, burn debridement and dressing, total body surface area (TBSA) calculation, fluid prescription, and inhalation injury assessment and management. These skills sessions utilise high-fidelity bespoke escharotomy models, augmented reality bronchoscopy simulators, and prefabricated moulages featuring simulated cutaneous burns using latex and paint. These sessions are led by an expect faculty that includes consultants specialising in plastic surgery and intensive care, and senior burns nurses.

The high-fidelity simulation component of the course comprises of two distinct major burn scenarios, and is run in our modern, purpose-built simulation suite with the support of our highly experienced simulation team. The first scenario unfolds as a major flame burn, with circumferential full-thickness limb burns, coupled with an inhalational injury necessitating intubation. The second scenario explores a high-voltage electrical burn, involving cardiac monitoring, potential fasciotomies for evolving compartment syndrome, and an understanding of the management of rhabdomyolysis leading to subsequent acute kidney injury. The adaptable nature of these scenarios facilitates participants from diverse professional backgrounds, grades, and specialities to engage and assume roles reflective of their clinical practice, thereby optimising the learning experience.

Target audience: 
Doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professions (AHPs) of all grades who are involved in the care of patients who have sustained burn injuries (including, but not limited, to plastic surgery, emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, anaesthetics, theatre team, paediatric emergency medicine, pre-hospital medicine)

Registration fees: £300 
Free for deanery trainee doctors (costs reclaimed from deanery) and funding available for locally employed staff.
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