Fresh-frozen dissection course in Utrecht

Date: Friday 8 and Saturday 9 December 2023. 

Location: University Medical Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands 

Event information: 

Soft tissue coverage of the hand and forearm 

There will be a maximum of 2 participants per arm. A red latex perfused cadaveric model will be used in order to increase the visibility and realism of the vessels including perforating vessels, assisting dissection. 

All aspects will be covered, such as the V-Y-Atasoy, Eponychial flap, Moberg, Quaba, Kite/Foucher, Segmüller island flaps, Cross finger, ADQ flap, Hypothenar fat pad flap, ulnar/radial artery perforator flap, Becker flap, posterior interosseous flap, etc. There will also be a special session for freestyle perforator flaps.


Faculty includes: 

Maurizio Calcagni (Swiss) 

Henk Giele (UK) 

Brigitte van der Heijden (Netherlands)  

Hein ter Linden (Netherlands) 

Niri Niranjan (UK) 

Erik Walbeehm (Netherlands) 

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