The Deanery Challenge 2023

This year, BAPRAS and PLASTA are excited to introduce the inaugural 'Deanery Challenge' competition.

We invite deaneries to submit their trainee teams to battle it out and be crowned champions!

Each deanery is being asked to submit a team of two trainees (pre-exam) plus one reserve to take part in the competition, which will be held live at the BAPRAS Congress in Newcastle.

If you’re interested in taking part, please contact your TPD for more information.



During a series of heats our quizmasters will ask a mixture of general knowledge and FRCS(Plast) questions - fastest team to buzz in will be given the chance to answer and and prove their mettle.

The winning team in each heat will progress to a final stage during Wednesday evening’s drinks reception.



The winning teams will also enjoy cash prizes and complimentary registration for future congresses, making this challenge even more rewarding.


To enter

To secure your spot in the competition, teams should be submitted to Gemma Adlington ( by Friday, 6 October.

Submit your team

Format and Rules

  • All UK deaneries have the opportunity to send 2 representatives and 1 back up

  • Tournament-style knockout format until 1 team is declared winner

  • 15 questions per game, which should take no more than 5 mins

  • The quiz master will ask questions and state correct answer

  • Questions will be mix of FRCS(Plast) and “fun” questions, e.g. guess the surgeon, name the instrument, name that song, draw that flap etc

  • Fastest team to buzz gets to answer question

  • Once buzzed, the team has 3 seconds to answer question

  • If the team gets the question wrong, the opposing team has a chance to answer the question

  • If there is any debate regarding which team buzzed first or whether an answer is acceptable, judges will have the final decision (guest judges TBC; senior consultants/BAPRAS council)


Example 14 Deaneries = 13 games = 75mins (Quarter Finalist 7 goes straight to semi-finals)