ICOPLAST Webinar - Highlight on current management of the nasal dorsum in open rhinoplasty

Date: 13 July 2024, 6pm CET 

This session will be covering highlights on current management of the nasal dorsum in open rhinoplasty. 
In this webinar by the Rhinoplasty Chapter ICOPLAST chair Enrico Robotti will lead a panel to discuss Current Management of the Nasal Dorsum in Open Rhinoplasty. 

Understanding the Modern Anatomy of the Nasal Dorsum as related to Dorsal Surgery - Peter Palhazi (Hungary)
Why Piezo Electric Technology Changes the Game in Managing the Bony Dorsum with a Wide Extended Approach - Olivier Gerbault (France)
Choosing Preservation or Dorsal Component Shaping in Rhinoplasty - Rod Rohrich (USA)
How to Achieve a Smooth Dorsum in Structural Rhinoplasty - Nazim Cerkes (Turkey)
Hybrid Rhinoplasty by Modified Dorsal Split - Enrico Robotti (Italy)

Nazim Cerkes (Turkey)
Enrico Robotti (Italy)

Enrico Robotti (Italy)

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