BAPRAS responds to news of availability of cosmetic surgery prizes in Europa International Lottery

9th January 2008


This isn’t an appropriate way for patients to be selected to undergo irreversible plastic surgery procedures. Whilst clearly the funding of cosmetic surgery is a consideration for patients, it needs to be balanced against the appropriateness of the procedure, the patients expectations and whether they are clinically fit enough to undergo it.  Running a legal and licensed lottery is one thing, providing inducements to undergo cosmetic surgery quite another. 

In the normal scheme of things, patients would meet with a surgeon first to establish his or her credentials and that of the hospital where the procedure will take place before committing to anything. Patients should be given information not inducements when considering cosmetic surgery.

Furthermore, whilst there are very competent plastic surgeons working outside the UK, an issue for any patient having an operation abroad that should be considered carefully is how any complications after the operation would be dealt with, if they are in the UK and their surgeon is abroad. BAPRAS has previously expressed concerns about the number of patients presenting to the NHS in the UK with complications from cosmetic surgery procedures carried out abroad

Hamish Laing
Honorary Secretary


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